Tennessee & Florida Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Whitney Fletcher Photography


I'm a photographer with an eye and a heart for timeless photographs...I want you to LOVE your photos now and 50 years from now.  

Currently, I split my time between Florida, south Georgia, and Tennessee.  Traveling is a big part of my life...I spend a lot of time in the car!  My main home is a farm in south Georgia located on the Georgia/Florida state line very close to Tallahassee, Florida. This is where you can find me with my husband, my two children, and my dog Jackson...and maybe a few horses from time to time. Coffee by morning, tea by afternoon, wine by night, a bon-fire, children outside playing, a clean house, and steaks on the grill makes for a perfect day in my world.

I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years. I work as a lifestyle, editorial, event, and commercial photographer. My subjects and events include weddings, engagements, children and families, musicians, artist, food, television personalities, and more. 

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